Preparation of Accounts

You are:

  • An entrepreneur or an Owner Managed Business that wants someone to handle the financial matters of your business so that you can spend time focusing on your core business;
  • A professional service provider (or intermediary) who would like to partner with a reputable firm to assist with your accounting clients including those with complex matters.

There are benefits in working with us.

Since the accounting practice was formed in 1994 when we operated as Le Claire & Partners to when we became Baker Tilly Channel Islands in 2003 and subsequently, our clients have over the years come to respect and trust our expertise and experience.

In addition, we are particularly flexible to meet the accounting needs of various clients whether from the clearly itemised data of the larger corporate client to the "bulging envelope" of documents from the multi-tasking owner-manager who needs a little bit of "hand holding" from a trusted accountant.

Dickson Wasake


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Is Xero right for you?

We are delighted to be offering Xero as an accounting option to our clients. Xero is a cloud based software solution that promotes timely collaboration between business owners, book keepers and accountants ensuring decisions can be made quickly with all the relevant information to hand.

Find out more about Xero

What differentiates us from our peers?

Quick turnaround

In order to efficiently service our clients, whilst also working to their fixed budget for accounting services, we took the strategic decision to structure our team differently.  We therefore removed endless layers of review.

Our flat structure is typically a two person team.

  • A very experienced accountant (typically a fully qualified accountant) who handles all aspects of the relationship from bookkeeping to the preparation of the financial statements; and
  • A director (also fully qualified) to ensure good quality of service to you.

For our clients, this has three distinct advantages,

  • Thorough understanding. As our team turnover is generally low, our professionals understand our clients’ business thoroughly and can therefore process their information efficiently, with minimum fuss to them;
  • Fixed Fees. We offer our clients a fixed fee structure which is very competitive; and
  • Experienced team. Our competitive price structure allows senior staff to be involved. The benefit of working with qualified and experienced accountants results in financial statements that meet the relevant accounting standards as well as insights that can help your business.

Close collaboration to meet clients’ needs

The structure and experience of our service lines allow us to assist you in many professional services.

Our accounting clients, particularly the growing Small and Medium Size Enterprise (SME) who often need some "hand holding" can benefit from the significant experience of our audit team, who routinely deal with complex accounting matters and the related financial statement disclosures.

Sharing this experience enables us to provide our accounting clients with unique insights to more efficiently run their businesses.

Likewise the tax team supports the larger accounting clients that have complex tax disclosure requirements and owner managed business client as in the Channel Islands shareholders, rather than companies, bear the tax load so you will benefit from a close collaboration between our teams in handling your affairs.

This "one stop centre" approach enables us to efficiently provide you with a quality service, at very competitive rates.

Use of technology to improve on quality

In addition to using bookkeeping and accounting software, we also use process management software including review templates and accounting standard disclosure checklists. 

These enable us to provide an efficient service and financial statements that meet accounting standards (including US GAAP, UK GAAP and IFRS).

A commercial approach that makes life easier

Whilst we are independent accountants, a number of our clients have come to appreciate that our approach is to "work with them, not against them."

This means that we provide some guidance, on the basis of our experience to assist them to complete their accounting requirements, with minimum fuss.

Examples of clients who have benefited from our unique service offering

Corporate and trust clients - Accounts, accounts review

  • 6 affiliated Jersey companies that are subsidiaries of a major European ferry operator
  • Jersey and Guernsey branches  of a major UK based shoe retailer
  • A CISX listed unit trust that reports in accordance with the Investment Trust SORP
  • Two related property companies owning UK rental properties
  • A Limited Partnership with 3rd party investors pooling resources to invest in Panama through a series of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) in different countries. They also participate in a Joint Venture.

Owner managed businesses – bookkeeping and accounts

  • A company  primarily investing in listed equities, bonds and other financial instruments
  • A self-administered Retirement Annuity Company (RAC)
  • A building and demolition contractors company
  • An electrical and lighting retail outlet
  • A perfume and cosmetic retail outlet
  • A sole proprietor running a dance academy.
Corporate Accounting Solutions

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