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What makes us different?

Our service proposition makes us different. We have listened to the market, and have built our culture around excellent client service. See how our approach can benefit you and your business.

Access to a decision maker

You want to be able to speak to a decision maker when you need to, not when they have a spare minute to call you back.  One of the most common criticisms we see of our industry is that unless you are perceived to be a blue chip client, senior staff time is not made available to you as often as it should. 

Our director led teams mean the decision makers are heavily involved in client service delivery from day one until the very end.  If for whatever reason we are unavailable, we commit to respond to your call/email within 24 hours, but in the vast majority of instances we are at the end of the phone and happy to discuss your challenges with you when you call.

An experienced team to build a lasting relationship with

Our teams are typically structured with fully qualified accounting and tax professionals (ICAS, ICAEW, ACCA and CTA) who join the firm with long term career aspirations, resulting in a very low turnover of staff, and no team changes due to exam commitments.  Continuity means experience not only with specific industries and challenges, but also in building relationships, something which is at the heart of our ethos.

This benefits you as not only do you get experienced advisers, but you get a team that has built up a deep understanding of the issues at hand and the best approach, which is critical in assignments with various and often complex issues to deal with. 

Quick response through flexibility

Our commitment is for our teams to respond to questions and requests the same working day.  Our structure and ethos means we can deliver. 

We offer all of the benefits of working with a global network without the necessity for costly, cross border consultation at every turn.  We make our own decisions locally, meaning flexibility and commercial sense can prevail.

Competitive, fixed fees

We understand that one of the major complaints about the provision of advice and services is being charged overruns, or where time is added to the clock for questions relating to the original service, once it’s been provided.

At Baker Tilly Channel Islands Limited we believe in sticking to our word and where we provide an upfront quote for services, unless the scope changes dramatically or we experience significant delays, this is what we charge. 

Not only do we fix the fees where possible, but those fees are based on our efficient structure, meaning they are very competitive and great value, without compromising on quality.

Our aim is a long term relationship, not a short term profit.

Close collaboration with International colleagues

A key differentiator of the Baker Tilly International network is that each of the member firms are autonomous, owner managed businesses rather than the typical “partner - employee” type of firm.

The drive and passion behind these entrepreneur led firms makes us committed to work hard to meet clients’ needs. This work ethic is shared across the network particularly when member firms closely collaborate for clients who operate in multiple jurisdictions.

We work with other Baker Tilly teams on a regular basis and often provide Channel Islands specific input as part of larger projects.

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