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Baker Tilly Channel Islands

Baker Tilly Channel Islands is an independent member firm of Baker Tilly International.

This site will help you to understand all of the services we provide as well as the latest news and helpful information for steering your business through the complex business world.

It will also demonstrate our client focused service approach and how we do things differently from our peers. 

Delivering excellence

We took a strategic decision to change the way we meet our clients’ needs. We asked prominent individuals and organisations what they want from their professional advisers.
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    They told us they want:


    - Their advisers to work with them, not against them

    - Staff who understand their business, not a junior team that need to be educated by client staff

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    - A fair fee reflective of the scope of work

    - No cost overruns.  Many felt overruns were a way of increasing profit, not paying for "extra" work

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    - Direct access to decision makers.  Last minutes surprises are a common frustration

    - Someone to talk to without "being on the clock"

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