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Valuations inform a wide range of business decisions, including reorganisation or amalgamation for tax purposes, divestiture, shareholder dispute resolutions, and litigation claims.

Combining practical judgement with an in-depth understanding of sales transactions, industry trends, court rulings, market data, and the latest research, we develop valuation conclusions that are meaningful and can withstand the highest levels of scrutiny.


Creating Value

Our approach is tailored to the specific requirements and objectives of each client.

The need for expert valuation services is ever-increasing in today’s business and regulatory environment. The valuation of business interests and related assets in the context of financial reporting, tax, corporate transactions, and legal disputes is at the centre of many important strategies and financial decisions, making the selection of a valuation expert a critical choice.

We understand that each unique situation requires an understanding of the business dynamics and value drivers that underpin the intentions of the client. Our experts offer appropriate levels of analysis and information.

Incorporating the latest methodologies, tools, and practices to ensure meaningful results, our team delivers transparent, comprehensive, and fair valuations, which align with all applicable financial reporting requirements.



The valuations team is led by Sandy Cameron. Sandy is a qualified valuation expert with CFI being a Financial Modelling & Valuation Analyst. Sandy brings over 10 years of experience providing either valuations or critic, review and challenge on investment managers original valuations. On top of being qualified and knowledgeable, we utilise specialist private software to provide further key and recent insights towards valuations. 

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